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Srinagar, founded in the 6th century and beautifully located around a number of lakes, Srinagar the 'Beautiful city' is divided in two by the Jhelum River called and know as Wyeth in Kashmir, which is crossed and connected by a number of bridges. A specialist about Srinagar is lush greenery of the valley with its terraced rice fields, fruit orchards and swirling waterways spill into the city via the Dal lake and the great avenues of the popular chinar trees. It is a city with a distinctly Central Asian Flavor. The old city is in the vicinity of the kohimaran or the Hari Parbat hill and includes the labyrinth of alleyways, mosque, temple and heritage house constitute the commercial heart of the city. The more modern part of the city is farther up the Jhelum river, above its famous seven bridges. This fresh natural atmosphere combined with the commercial clamor of the old city's twisting medieval streets gives Srinagar a distinctive and vitalizing flavor.walking down the roads you will see the half-timbered house and brick churches surrounded by magnolia trees in the garden. The water world of the Dal Lake and Nagin Lakes can be explored in the almost decadent comforts of shikaras hand paddled.

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Houseboats of Srinagar :

Houseboats of Srinagar is pride and heritage of Kashmir tourism have been a part of Kashmir's aquatic culture for centuries. Houseboats of all sizes and budgets range the banks of the busy Dal Lake and the quiet, clearer Nagin Lake. Most houseboats on Nagin lake and the Jhelum are situated on the banks of the lake can be accessed directly from the land, while those in the Dal Lake require a shikara to get to and from them.

Houseboats of Srinagar

About Srinagar Tourism :

Srinagar is one of the most beautiful city in Jammu and Kashmir. It is known as Kashmiri Venice. The most popular thing about Srinagar is dal lake, houseboat, temples, mosque etc. Srinagar is also famous for its Mughal garden which was built during the Mughal period. Touring through this garden will take you to Mughal times.

Srinagar Tourism

Places to visit Srinagar :

Sightseeing in Srinagar is all about visiting its various gardens, temples, and mosques among other things. The most prominent natural attraction of Srinagar is the Dal Lake. Spread 6 kms long and 3 kms wide, the lake is divided into four parts by causeways. The waters of the Dal Lake are dotted with small willow covered islands that give an ethereal ambience to the lake on misty mornings. A unique feature of the about Srinagar lake is the Mihrbahri people, trading in flowers, fruits, and vegetables grown on floating gardens on these islands in the lake.

Places to visit Srinagar

Attractions of Srinagar :

The Tourist Attractions in Srinagar comprise lovely rivers and lakes, with charming rows of houseboats floating on them, beautiful blossoming gardens, and verdant woods.and also feature several Temples and Mosques, enchanting waterways, unique Houseboats, and nearby resorts.

Attractions of Srinagar

About History of Srinagar :

2000 years back Srinagar was recognized by different name. The king pravarasena II founded the city and renamed to parvasenpur then It becomes a part of a largest empire i.e. the Maurya Empire. Ashoka, the maurya emperor was a influenced by buddism and thus introduce Buddhism to Kashmir valley and the neighboring region around the city. In the 1st century kushans family strengthen the Buddhist custom. In 6th century vikramaditya and his followers ruled the region and after that it was controlled by huns-a nomdic family from central Asia.

History of Srinagar

People of srinagar :

People in Srinagar are very much brilliant. While travelling in Srinagar one can have a talk with local people of Srinagar. The people of Srinagar will always greet you with a smile. People of Srinagar are also they do participate in folk dance, music program and theaters.

People of srinagar

Culture of Srinagar :

Culture of Srinagar is a distinct combination of tradition. It speaks about the people of Srinagar, their culture and belief places near Srinagar represent the ancient culture and holy verity of the city.

Culture of Srinagar

About Srinagar Festivals :

Srinagar festival is much popular as the major population of the city is Muslim by religion. The festivals celebrated in Srinagar reflect the historical,religious and cultural diversity of the city. Some of the popular festivals are Navroz Festival, Urs(ziarat) festival, Ramzan Festival, Eid UL-Fitr, the Kheer Bhawani festival. The Kheer Bhawani festival is a Hindu festival. It is dedicated to the goddess ragnya.

Srinagar Festivals

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Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar 294 km2 (114 sq mi) 1,192,792 ( 2011 ) Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi, English IST (UTC+05:30) Pin code of Srinagar : 190 001
Tel [ ISD ] [ STD ] : [ +91 ] [ 0194 ]
Police : 100
Fire : 101
Ambulance : 102
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