Hotel Residency Srinagar Reviews

We had to live at Residency hotel by default as our flight got cancel so that of grave bout in Srinagar. The place of this hotel is vital – just about all the Regal chowk & Lal Chowk, this 2 Srinagar shopping is surrounded by walking distance.

The Hotel the Residency Srinagar is housed in a building holding shops in first 2 floors and hotel rooms on 3rd & 4th floor. The grand welcome and kindness we caught from the hotel staff / employees in the most risky time of my life. The reception of Hotel the Residency Srinagar though has a desk in the ground floor door – 4 floor high reception area. The staff of Hotel the residency did a good job for taking care of those guests who stayed in the hotel all but for 8 lethal days. While the hotel was under reconstruction but still the hygiene, cleanliness and facilities was so good.

Rooms of the Hotel the Residency Srinagar were very big and a large number of rooms had a double bed + a single bed. Room had some of the other room facility such as hot / cold water supply, dressing table and many more. The Residency Hotel Srinagar is part of a mall and they have good restaurants. The restaurant on the top floor was cozy and relaxing. Banks & ATM’s are also there in ground floor. Room service and staff of hotel were too good. Hotel staff gave great kindness and support to us.

We had tandoori chicken for dinner and it was too good. Moreover, Ahdoos restaurant is just next door. The surprise was the really amazing and simple mealtime the next morning. If one is seeing at a 1 or 2 nights live in Srinagar for shopping and sightseeing, then this is most likely an best choice.

We are more even thankful to the GM.Vipul Sir, Imtiyaz, Fayaz and all staff members.

Thanking all of you Guys.

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