Mountain Running Championship Srinagar

Mountain Running Championship Srinagar

Mountain Running Championship Srinagar has made a plan by IMRA. J & K Mountain running union took a great part in planning of event as well. IMRA says that Kashmir and Ladakh region has huge dormant for mountain running event. The Event in Srinagar named as Mountain Running Championship held on Shankaracharya Hills. Contestant runs uphill as well as downhill for the time of the event.

Top contestant of J & K, Muzaffar Maqbool won the first rank in Mountain running championship in Srinagar. Tanveer Hussain of J & K bank won second place in the Mountain Running Championship. Ishtiyaq Ismail from Kawoosa Narbal got third rank in the Mountain running championship Srinagar.

It was the first release Mountain Running Championship of this time of year. Paresh Pimpale was the chief guest on the Mountain running championship Srinagar. He is a decision-making member of Mountain running group of Maharashtra. He gave out cash prizes to the winners. J & K Mountain running group made a plan of championship in the support of IMRA.

mountain running championship in srinagar

Even Though the fact that on the top of the Srinagar Event, Riyaz Ahmad wani who is a General Secretary of J & K Mountain Running group said a bit. He said that Mountain running championships would be hold in all the districts of J & K in days to come.

Riyaz Wani said, “We are making a plan to hold more such contestants for this Championships with the range of age groups in near future. We plan to hold some training camps as well as National level event. This training will help for sports to skilled.”

He said that IMRA has aimed at plan a National Mountain running championship. A lot of Contestant takes a part in the championship. This Srinagar Event will be in the second week of august this year.

“Escapade sports learning are prime thing and main fact of learning sport. Lacking sports, supportive system is damaged,” he said. He told that Mountain Running Championship Srinagar held at Dood pathri. Dood pathri is a well-known tourist end. Many Hotels of Srinagar cover around Dood pathri.

There is a range of far above the ground Height Mountains in J & K. This is a place where contestant of the country could be skilled much better. Hence, they would be able of struggle at the global level.

There is still has on Srinagar Mountain Running Championship. Riyaz said that mountain runners and other contestant from a range of states of India are likely to take part in the championship. Mountain running Championship has famed in J & K from last few number of years. This is as Kashmir valley has a great latent in terms of mountains to support the sport.

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