Peacock Houseboats Srinagar Review

We stayed at Peacock Houseboats Srinagar from 19-22 June. On reaching the houseboat, we were surprised. The houseboat is cozy, well kept and beautifully designed. When one talks of houseboats of Srinagar, only Dal Lake gets in mind. However, when you come to this houseboat fixed in Nigeen Lake, you will forget about Dal Lake. First, the Nigeen Lake is at distant from main city so calm. Second, the Peacock houseboat situated far left from the main road. Therefore, the ambiance around houseboat is quite, cool and cozy.

First, we step into the take a seat out into the large living room containing sofas, TV, etc. Next is the dining hall with the dining table and six chairs and a display case of crockery and a fridge. This show a thin corridor runs all beside the left side of the Houseboats. On the right side of the road, there is a staircase. Next is a kitchenette. Last but not the least a bedroom with bed, expressive mattresses, covering table, etc, and an attached to bath (with tub); and the road ends in the second bedroom with an attached bath.

The Peacock Deluxe Houseboats Srinagar carpeted and all room plentifully furnished with imprinted wooden furnishings. You catch lighting, chandeliers, wall work of art, and flower vases a few with original flowers and others with fake ones. As it had only two rooms, the houseboat was design wholly for us! We will live set in the houseboat itself.” Yes, it was superb! There is an assistant at your amenities all the time.

The rooms were lovely. The view of Nagin Lake and neighboring area is clean and tidy. They also set to offer us with car and driver for our day tour to Sonamarg and Gulmarg, as well as hotel drop to Pahalgam. We get satisfaction from the food and facilities by Deen. He was flexible in our choice and dinner timings given the day, explore.

Sitting in the balcony or the ride out, you could get delight from the Lake and the snow-clothed mountain outside. There is a park at the back the houseboat; you can walk off for a leisurely pace here. Mainly non-vegetarian food is prepared at this point. However, being vegetarians and that too Jains in food habit, we did not have a lot of choice here. Very Good Experience!! ….

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