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Srinagar is truthfully explained as the heaven on earth and the manufacturer of this heaven on earth were none other than the Mughal. The beautiful formation of the Mughal is extraordinarily reproduced in the parks and gardens in Srinagar. Of the good-looking parks and gardens in Srinagar, the most important ones are Tulip Garden Srinagar, Chashma Shahi Garden Srinagar and Pari Mahal Srinagar.

Tulip Garden Srinagar :

Tulip Garden Srinagar is located at the entrance to Chashma Shahi in the backdrop of Zabarwan Mountains is a major attraction for tourists, and locals with its hundreds of blooming tulips. Tulip Garden Srinagar is positioned at approximately 8 kms from the Srinagar city and near the Dal Lake Srinagar. Tulip Garden SrinagarThe Tulip Garden Srinagar, a dream plan of scenery affectionate former Ghulam Nabi Azad, chief minister – is the biggest Tulip Garden Srinagar in entire Asia and is all set to turn into one of the main Tulip Gardens of the globe. His Passion for gardening made the laying out of the garden possible in record time. The Tulips bloom briefly in early spring between late March and early April. A visit during " Tulip Season " is soul exciting and more available than Holland !. The Tulip Garden Srinagar is house to approximately 70 multiplicities of tulips of a range of colors and is also added up amongst the frequent gardens in Srinagar. Slumps over a great region of 90 acres, the Tulip Garden Srinagar have as a minimum 1.3 million tulip rhizomes at one moment throughout the blossoming period. It is located in the neighborhood of the Shalimar Bagh Srinagar, Chashma Shahi Garden Srinagar, Nishat Garden Srinagar, and many other Mughal Gardens in Srinagar. This Srinagar Garden is very Beautiful, Attractive and ideal gardens in Srinagar.

Shalimar Bagh Srinagar :

The Shalimar Bagh Srinagar " Garden of Love " was built by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, from 16161 – 1619 for his beautiful queen Nur Jahan. Shalimar Bagh Srinagar is located at the 13 kms distant from heart of the Srinagar city. The black sandstone imprinted "Diwan-e-Khas" was used for majestic dinners and "Diwan-e-Aam " for community listeners. At the Shalimar Bagh Srinagar, the dropping fountains and multicolored blossom beds in summer season and powerful Chinars with golden foliage in autumn create it even extra delightful. Shalimar Bagh Srinagar is a preferred picnic spot, honeymooner's enjoyment and lovers meeting to swapping promises for lifetime togetherness in observance with the strength of the famous lovers the royal leader and his Queen. Shalimar Bagh SrinagarShalimar Bagh Srinagar was with reference to this garden that Jahangir recited the lines of the reputed Persian Poet Urfi : " If there be a Paradise on the face of the Earth it here, it is here, it is here. "

It is also talks about that when Jahangir was requests on his bereavement bed regarding his appreciated wish he is attributed to have said : " Kashmir, the rest is worthless "

The present of this Shalimar Bagh Srinagar gives the impression to reproduce the Quranic ideal. Shalimar Bagh Srinagar is less ostentatious than the close by Nishat Bagh Srinagar but gives reason for its reputation as one of the world's most gorgeous Gardens in Srinagar.

Mughal Garden Srinagar :

Mughal Garden Srinagarone of the most imaportant and memorable gardens in Srinagar. Mughal Garden Srinagar is located on the far east of the Dal Lake Srinagar and Mughal Garden Srinagar is built in the ear of the Mughal ruler of India. Mughal Garden Srinagar, a wonder situated around 13 kms from the core of Srinagar city. Mughal Garden Srinagar is one of the grand places and beautiful gardens in Srinagar city. Travelling in the region of in the Mughal Garden Srinagar, you will feel the supernatural of the Mughal method of building & plan which is foundation on Quranic idea of heaven such as the Charbaug. Due its superb attraction, the Mughal Garden Srinagar entices the concentration of a number of tourists from different place of the world and composes a visit to Srinagar. The first two gardens, Chashma Shahi Garden Srinagar ( Royal Spring ) and Pari Mahal Srinagar is to the right of the well-known Boulevard street that rounds the Dal Lake Srinagar. Sparklers spring foam out of a sandstone bud vase at Chashma Shahi. The two superior gardens in Srinagar, Nishat Bagh Srinagar and Shalimar Bagh Srinagar are to be found much farther downward the avenue. This is Kashmir at its imperial best through the loveliness superior by the milieu of Dal Lake Srinagar and Mountain and cautiously placed for the best sight of both. Taxis, local buses or auto rickshaws can be in use from different spot inside the city to arrive at the Mughal Garden Srinagar, which roughly take 20 minutes. Close to the Mughal Garden Srinagar two must visit places, one is the Rashtrapati Bhawan, Gandhi's memorial and another one is Jawaharlal Nehru monument.

Nishat Bagh Srinagar :

Nishat Bagh Srinagar stands for the " Garden of Pleasure ". Nishat Bagh Srinagar is located on the eastern side of the Dal Lake Srinagar, 9 kms from the Tourist Reception Center and was designed by Abdul Hasan Asaf Khan, father of Mumtaz Mahal and brother of Nur Jahan. Nishat Bagh SrinagarNishat Bagh Srinagar is completed in the year 1634 during the region of Emperor Jahangir. Nishat Garden Srinagar is thought that Shah Jahan, the well-known Mughal Emperor and son-in-law of Abdul Hasan Asaf Khan, was so overwhelmed by the garden that he clandestinely expects that his father-in-law would present it to him. When that did not receive this place in gift, Shah Jahan prearranged the closure of water supply to this garden. Nishat Bagh Srinagar is the largest and most popular of the Mughal Gardens in Srinagar. Nishat Bagh Srinagar has 12 terraces on behalf of the 12 signs of the Zodiac with lush green lawns, beautiful flower beds, imposing Chinar trees. Out of these 12 terraces, second one is measured the mainly striking with 23 slots gives in its vaulted alcove, just at the back the cascade. A stream flows down the center. Nishat Bagh Srinagar is positioned on the banks of Dal Lake Srinagar against the background of the Zabarwan Mountains. Nishat Garden Srinagar offers a spectacular view of the Lake. Watching sunset from its terraces is a Photographer's delight. Nishat Bagh Srinagar can be arrived at through the Dal Lake using water, taxi of Srinagar, the Shikara ride Srinagar.

Botanical Garden Srinagar :

Botanical Garden SrinagarJawaharlal Nehru monument Botanical Garden Srinagar is located at the foothills of Zabarwan Hills, beside the street that guide to well-known Mughal Garden Srinagar Chashma Shahi. Botanical Garden Srinagar is a glowing intended, contemporary and scenery garden in Srinagar established in 1969 by the state government for research in floriculture under the guidance of Mr.Kaul ( popularly known as Mamaji ) an uncle of former prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Extensive over a region of 80 hectares, this old-fashioned gardens in Srinagar neglects the panorama of world celebrated Dal Lake Srinagar. The Botanical Garden Srinagar is comprised of four segments - Plant opening centre, leisure Garden, Botanical Garden and Research part. Botanical Garden Srinagar characteristics more than a few approaches of internal gardens that can satisfy the central sanity of the traveler and therefore, Botanical Garden Srinagar is the most excellent set to relax and revitalize. There is a good-looking Lake extend crosswise a land of 17 hectares that gives paddle boat amenities to the visitors. The Botanical Garden is relatively quiet and peaceful than that of Mughal Gardens in Srinagar and boasts of around 300 species of plants concluding stunning willow and cedar trees.

Dachigam National Park Srinagar :

Dachigam National Park Srinagar, 20 kms from Srinagar is spread over more than 140 sq. kms. It is located in the serene environs of alpine forests, Rocky Mountains and snow-clad peaks. The Dachigam National Park Srinagar rises from 5200 to 13700 feet and is divided in to an upper and lower region. The River Daghwar flows through the center of the forest. Dachigam National Park Srinagar attracts tourists and picnickers for its idyllic and breath-taking landscape; adventures for treks and camping; Bird watchers and wild life lovers for presence of exclusive and large species of flora, fauna, singing birds and endangered animals. Dachigam National Park SrinagarIt is also a photographer's delight. The Dachigam National Park Srinagar is open round the year except for winter months of mid December to mid March while May – September is the best time for trekkers and campers. The Dachigam National Park was set up to protect the endangered Kashmiri white patched stag the Hangul -closely related to the reindeer. The Hangul exclusively huts horns in premature spring, rises to the higher arrived at and returns to lower areas with re-grown horns in autumn. The Musk deer is another endangered species preyed upon by hunters for its high value musk used in perfumes. The Dachigam National Park Srinagar also has the snow leopard, Black and Brown Himalayan Bear, Jackals, Foxes, Vultures, Bulbuls, Woodpeckers, Pheasants, Minivets and Golden Orioles.

Chashma Shahi Garden Srinagar :

The Chashma Shahi Garden Srinagar or " The Royal Spring " is solitary of the 3 Mughal Gardens in Srinagar. Chashma Shahi garden Srinagar is located a measly 9 kms from the heart of the Srinagar City towards Harvan. The Chashma Shahi Srinagar is the minimum of the three Mughal gardens calculating just 108 meters X 38 meters. The garden is fairly well-known for spring of bracing digestive limestone water within it. The spring of stimulating lovable water with therapeutic belongings appreciated by the Mughal is bordered by a garden laid out by the Mughal royal leader Shah Jahan in the year 1632 in caring with the Mughal ritual of laying out Chashma Shahi Garden Srinagar where water was plentifully available. Chashma Shahi Garden Srinagar, this terraced garden with a watercourse and flowing fountains deceit in the foothills of the Zabarwan range. Chashma Shahi Garden SrinagarMagnificently terraced garden and a multicolored flora make Chashma Shahi gardens stunning than any further parks and gardens of Srinagar. The flow water from the spring located at the top terrace in to a regular tank and thereon to fountain hood pool at the lowest terrace garden presents a majestic look. The water for the fountains comes up from the spring. This water afterward departs through the bottom of the exhibition area and falls over to the inferior veranda, over an elegant black sandstone shaft. Also, a number of fruits, flora and Chinar trees produced in the garden, adding to its application. At a distance from the three terraces and fountains, the extra magnetisms of Chashma Shahi Garden Srinagar comprise a bridge and some cascade. This Gardens in Srinagar is smaller than Shalimar Bagh Srinagar and Nishat Garden Srinagar and has a commanding view of the Dal Lake. The Pari Mahal Srinagar, Botanical Garden Srinagar is in its vicinity. It is the starting point for Zabarwan Trek. Chashma Shahi Garden Srinagar is well thought-out to be the foremost aesthetically intended of all the three Mughal Gardens. Near the garden is a small holy place, the Chashma Shahi with a bright water spiral. The Chashma Shahi Garden Srinagar is among the hardly any others that accuse an entry fee. Recently, a number of extensions were made to the garden.

Harwan Garden Srinagar :

Harwan Garden SrinagarHarwan Garden Srinagar, located in Harwan Village ( 19 km ) from Srinagar is an imposing, big and well-liked traveler destinstion. An inland waterway delightfully surrounded with Chinar trees and embryonic blossom beds, preliminary from a Lake just following the Harwan Garden, runs throughout the center of the garden. There is also a water reservoir receiving water from the melted snow peaks which is used for supply to the city of Srinagar. The major sketch of the Harwan garden Srinagar is its ordinary attractiveness and charisma. With foliage in the surroundings of snow-white atmosphere, Harwan Garden Srinagar has large emerald grass lawns and magnetizes visitors practically towards this set. Harwan Garden Srinagar is easily available by taxis within half an hour. The Harwan Garden Srinagar is ideal place for picnics and outing, also an ideal place for scenery walks. Harwan Garden Srinagar is the entryway to Dachigam Wildlife refuge and a commencement spot of a Mahadev Mountain trek. Several close by magnetism that can be trips takes in Shalimar Bagh Srinagar and Nishat Bagh Srinagar.

Zabarwan Park Srinagar :

Zabarwan Park SrinagarThe beautifully landscaped Zabarwan Park Srinagar in the foothills of the Zabarwan Park Srinagar on Boulevard is a popular rendezvous which offers excellent Kashmiri and Mughai food, kahwa and snacks in the food court. Also Songs, Kashmiri Music, a cultural shop and Indoor Games enhance the atmosphere here. This garden is also one of the popular, very Beautiful, Attractive and ideal gardens in Srinagar.