• Lakes of Srinagar

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Srinagar is decorated with several of the best-looking Srinagar Lake and it is also recognized as lakes of the Srinagar city. A lakes of Srinagar such as Dal Lake Srinagar, Wular Lake Srinagar, and Nagin Lake Srinagar improves the pleasant appearance of the Srinagar city and create it extra attractive tourist magnetism. To pull visitors towards Lakes in Srinagar are ornamented with Shikaras, houseboat and suspended gardens. Dal Lake is one of the most stunning lakes in Srinagar. Srinagar Lake are as follows :

Dal Lake Srinagar :

Dal lake SrinagarDal Lake Srinagar, 26 sq. kms in region with meadows of lotus flowers, has stayed the heart and soul of Srinagar. Srinagar Dal Lake is the symbol of Kashmir Tourism Industry and landmark of Srinagar. Srinagar Dal Lake is one of the major natural water in the world. Dal Lake Srinagar is few minute away from the Srinagar city. The well-known Dal Lake Srinagar is linked with a range of further bodies of the situation and it is about 6.4 kms lengthy and 4 kms broad. The Srinagar Dal Lake is divided in to four parts containing three islands, Rupa lank generally known as Char – Chinari getting its name from four chinars on it, the Sona Lank or Golden Island and Nehru Park. The Nagin Lake Srinagar completes the fourth fraction. The only method of travelling in the region of the Lake is by a Shikara or houseboat. The Srinagar Dal Lake and Srinagar Nagin Lake have amenities for swimming, boating, water skiing and surf-riding. The assembly can also take a day-long tour to dissimilar division of the Lake in a great house boat described a "Donga" which has complete kitchen facilities for a memorable experience.
About Dal Lake Srinagar ...

Nagin Lake Srinagar :

Nagin lake SrinagarSrinagar Nagin Lake is an astonishing place which is surrounded by trees. Nagin lake Srinagar got its name from tree surrounding the Lake. Usually, it is recognized as the 'Jewel in the Ring' and is situated at a distance of 6 kms from Srinagar Dal Lake. Nagin lake Srinagar is fraction of the Dal Lake, but Srinagar Nagin Lake referred to as a divide lakes of Srinagar. Nagin Lake is associated throughout road which tolerates only biker and walker to go in the Nagin Lake areas. In the east part of Srinagar the water supply tube is accepted all the way through this road. Nagin lake Srinagar is positioned at the base of the zabarwan mounts. The southern part of the Nagin Lake Srinagar is bordered by Shankaracharya hill ( Takht-e-Suleiman ) and Nagin Lake is flanked on the West by Hari Parbat is crowned by Akbar's Fort.

The peaceful ambiance of the place of Srinagar Lakes gives an enjoyable going away from the manhandle movement of the marketplace. An explorer pleasure since it is away from heart of the Srinagar city, no irritate and sound, it's an unpolluted and spotless place. Srinagar Nagin Lake is not as much of crowded and deeper and therefore it is an ideal place to go for swimming. Tourist also get a pleasure from Nagin Lake Srinagar is Water Skiing and sailing on the fiberglass boats. The best time to visit Nagin Lake Srinagar is between the months of May to September. Close by Attraction from Nagin Lake Srinagar is Hazratbal Mosque which is must to visit.

Wular Lake Srinagar :

Wular Lake SrinagarWular Lake is also known as Mahapadamsar.

Wular Lake Srinagar, Asia's major fresh irrigate lakes of Srinagar has a deepness of 40 feet with ill-defined shores and its bed is deeper than the Srinagar Jhelum River which flows in to it from the south, the Wular Lake Srinagar serves as a natural reservoir by drawing the excess water from the River Jhelum. The Wular lake Srinagar is located at the distance of approximately 60 kms away from Srinagar city. Near the beginning in the summer season Wular lake Srinagar is often 12 miles or more wide. But in autumn small apparent hose is left, the wild flowers are so worldwide and broad. The deepest fraction is towards the short hill called Baba Shukr-ud-din on the north-west side, on the peak of which is the holy place or ziarat of that saint, a well-known follower of Nur-ud-din's. Next to this the shocks fall to the water and a tiny distance out in the Lakes of Srinagar is a curious bubbling spring.

The Kashmiri sultan Zain-ul-Abidin is reputed to have ordered the structure of the mock island of Zaina Lank in the center of the Wular lake Srinagar in 1444 located between the city of Bandipore and Sopore, this unfamiliar and unharmed lakes of Srinagar is house to numerous kinds of birds. Madhumati and Erina Nallahs go into it from east. Wular Lake Srinagar is bordered by peak and hill-forests and it is estimated that 50 % of Kashmir's fish come from this Lake alone. The fish from here type a significant part of the diet of citizen's source of revenue here. Singhara or water chest nuts are full-fledged in various parts of the Wular Lake Srinagar which is a source of income to residents who live on the lake fringes. It is the salvation of about 8,000 fishermen. Many watercourses specifically - Pohru, Harbuji, Erin and the Aarah, run into the vast Wular Lake Srinagar. It is easily accessible by buses or taxis; one can also take a trip the close by Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary for a bird inspection excursion.

Manasbal Lake Srinagar :

Manasbal Lake SrinagarManasbal Lake Srinagar is positioned in the north side of city of Srinagar was a preferred spot of mughal emperor Nur Jahan who is the initial part of 17th century urbanized a fortress and gorgeous garden identified as Jarogha bagh on the beach of the lake. Manasbal Lake Srinagar is one of the best lakes in Srinagar situated in Safapora region of Ganderbal District in the Jammu and Kashmir State in India. The name Manasbal Lake is supposed to be an imitative of the Lake Manasarovar. Manasbal Lake Srinagar is surrounded by three rural area viz., Jarokbal, Kondabal ( also called Kiln place, is to be found on the north-eastern side of the Manasbal Lake ) and Ganderbal and is avowed to be the deepest lakes of Srinagar ( at 13 m or 43 ft distance downward ) in India.

Flanked by the river and the base of the mountains tart, at the inferior end of the Sind Valley, is a petite lake, bounded by a low downhill, Aha-thong on one side and an eminent plateau on the other. Manasbal lake Srinagar is well-known for hose nuts and lotus which produce on its fringe through July to August month adding the beauty of its clear water. The Manasbal Lake Srinagar always has a substantial area of clear water extends in excess of a region of 6 sq. Kms with a regular intensity of 15 feet. In the region of Manasbal Lake Srinagar is plentiful in Apple and mulberry manufacture. The Manasbal Lake Srinagar is an excellent place for bird surveillance as it is one of the main accepted foundations of marine birds in Kashmir has the addition of "highest gem of all Kashmir Lakes". The Manasbal Lake Srinagar has a great type of fish and lotus which are vital for the wealth of the local public.

The famed temple Kheer Bhawani at TullaMulla, the 9th century Manasbal temple, the shell of a terraced Mughal garden, sculptured sand of place of Buddhist pilgrimage on the banks of pond are further prominent sightseer magnetism in the region. Manasbal Lake Srinagar also offers plenty chance of escapade sports. In the enjoyable climate of May to august, the Lakes of Srinagar gives water skiing gear and the services of taught teacher are supplied to quest seekers and the visitor.