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Like hotels of Srinagar, houseboats of Srinagar differ in grade of Luxury Houseboat in Srinagar and have been consequently categorized by the Division of Tourism. Super deluxe houseboat Srinagar is measured amongst the Best & luxury Srinagar accommodation In Kashmir. Houseboats of Srinagar are positioned at Dal Lake & Nagin Lake. A luxury houseboats Srinagar, like a luxury hotels in Srinagar has acceptable equipment, decent floorings and up-to-date bathroom fixtures. Like hotels too, luxury houseboats in Srinagar vary broadly in their positions. All luxury houseboat Srinagar, heedlessly of class, have exceedingly modified facility. Not only are there continually a "houseboy" for all boat, but the landlord and his family are never distant left. The rate per day of hiring a Luxury houseboats Srinagar contains all banquets and free outings from the houseboat to the adjacent jetty and back, as no houseboat on the lakes is straight nearby from the banks.

Gurkha Houseboats Srinagar

Gurkha Houseboats SrinagarLuxury Houseboat in Srinagar
Tariff Range : INR 14,999 to 18,999 USD 280 to 355
No. of Rooms : 18
No. of Floors : N/A
Location : Nagin Club, Nagin Lake, Srinagar
Nearest Airport : Srinagar ( 17.5 Kms )
Nearest Rail Head : Jammu Tawi ( 303 Kms )

A Luxury Houseboats Srinagar, Welcomheritage Gurkha Houseboats on a relaxed freshwater lined by highpoint trees is by distant one of the mostly good-looking alternate for Srinagar Accommodation, environments the flora and fauna and quickness for a stop to this ethereal city. The super luxury houseboats in Srinagar Welcomheritage Gurkha also offer best Restaurant for food lover publics. The luxury houseboat Srinagar Gurkha Restaurant assists authentic Indian, Continental and Kashmiri foods.
Gurkha Houseboats Srinagar

Mahjong Group of Houseboats Srinagar

Mahjong Group of Houseboats SrinagarLuxury Houseboats in Srinagar
Tariff Range : INR 4500 to 6500 USD 81.82 to 118.19
No. of Rooms : 5
No. of Floors : N/A
Location : Boulevard Road, Near Sicop Building, Dal Lake, Srinagar
Nearest Airport : Srinagar ( 14.6 Kms )
Nearest Rail Head : Jammu Tawi ( 294 Kms )

Mahjong Houseboat Srinagar provides all luxury and ease, a romantic couple might need. Mahjong Srinagar Houseboat offers Srinagar Accommodation each endeavor from newly wedding couple to family get-togethers. A Mahjong Group of Luxury Houseboats in Srinagar boy is constantly on standby and 3 teatimes are helped regular from a set of choices of western, Kashmiri or Indian cuisine. Mahjong Srinagar Houseboat affection for and promise to process has been satisfied by an inspiring numeral of visitants.
Mahjong Group of Houseboats Srinagar