• People of Srinagar

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Srinagar People

The main motive of the People of Srinagar is simple living and positive thinking. The lifestyle of the people of Srinagar is very much simple it does not match with the lifestyle of the urban people. The people of Srinagar are mainly Kashmiri Muslims by religion as they are 97 % of the total population and 90% of the population is engaged in small scale industry like farming and cottage industries. Peoples of SrinagarSo that Srinagar is the biggest state of Muslim community in all over India. The Rajasthani Rajputs converts into accepting Islam. Srinagar People are warm and engaging and good in attending their guest they treat you with love and care and they also take you around the palaces. They are great fans of the arts and love to participate in folk music called Chakri, the traditional folk theatre called as Bhand Pather. It shows social evils in an ironic fashion.

Kashmiri Music

The Kashmiri music of Sufiana genre is also awfully harmonious. This melody uses Kashmiri Saz, Santoor, Tabla, Sitar and Wasool. The dance form of Hafiz Nagma executed along with Sufiana music is also a extravagance to watch.

he dress code of the people of Srinagar reflects the true picture of their lifestyle and culture. Women dress themselves with colorful dresses and jewelry like bangles, earring, nose rings, necklaces etc where the men dress themselves with gurgabi, Churidar skullcaps and pyjamas. They also dress woolen wear which decorated with colorful patches of floral motifs. The earning source of Srinagar People is Handicrafts and garments. Tourism is the salvation of Srinagar. The mother language of Srinagar People is 'Kashmiri' or "koshur" but Kashmiri Pandit and gujjars Spoken Hindi language in Srinagar. They have bottomless admiration for their occupation and culture. Although there is disturbance in valley, they are stood resolutely to say you welcome. Srinagar People has such courage and intensity.