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Jammu :

Jammu is instant main city in the northernmost state in India. Jammu area is positioned 74 degree 24' and 75 degree 18', East longitude and 32 degree 50' and 33 degree 30' North freedom and 284 km away from Srinagar connected with national Highway and on the hillock on the bank of river Tawi.JammuJammu is famous for its temple and it offers as a winter capital of state following panel of India. Jammu city is properly called as "Jammu-Tawi". Visitors who wish to visit the Jammu city, the best time to visit Jammu is in the summer. The nearest Airport from Jammu is located at the Satwari. The weather of Jammu differs with height.

Temperature of Jammu in summer is underneath the freezing. In the June, Jammu city typical temperature is 40.6 °C (105.1 °F) as a result it is hottest month as in month of January; Jammu city's regular hotness arrive at under 7 °C (45 °F) as it is coldest month. People in the Jammu are typically used Dogri. Other languages of Jammu are Punjabi, Urdu, English, Hindi, Kashmiri and Gojri. Jammu is acknowledged for its panorama, well-known awfully old temples, Hindu place of pilgrimage, Mubarak Mandi Palace, Amar Mahal Palace (a castle kind), Museum, gardens and forts. Some of the tourist Places near Srinagar and in and around Jammu are Raghunath Temple, Amarnath Temple, Bahu Fort, Rani Charak Mahal, Amar Mahal Museum, Mansar Lake etc.

Katra :

Katra is positioned 42 km from the city of Jammu and 266 kms distant from Srinagar city. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi campus is one of the foremost industrial college of India is also situated in Katra. Katra is to be found at 32.98°N 74.95°E. Katra has a typical height of 754 meters (2,474 feet). There also been information of potential oil reserves in the region. Katra supplies as the bottom camp out for pilgrims who visit Vaishno Devi. Katra has a flourishing sightseeing industry that gives abundance of restaurants, hotels, guest houses, dhabas and fast-food combined that vigorous all type of budgets.
KatraThe amount of pilgrims that visit the shrine every year has greater than before from 1.4 million in 1986 to 8.2 million in 2009. In excess of the years, a lot has contaminated, but one should not miss the chance to saunter from side to side the foremost bazaar (market) for purchasing (do not overlook / be uncertain to talk a small piece) memento, dry fruits, woolen clothes, hosiery, leather jackets, etc. To arrive at Vaishno Devi temple, the pilgrims have to register at the Katra prior to initial the trek. There is one more trek (1.5 km) from Vaishno Devi temple for Baba Bhaironnath. It is believed that the pilgrimage is not finish awaiting you visit this temple eventually. The landscape during the trek is pleasing. Atmosphere of Katra welcoming auto rickshaws and airplane services also have ongoing these days to make the trip an enjoyable one.

Gulmarg :

GulmargGulmarg is most beautiful places near Srinagar to see. Gulmarg meaning "The Meadow of Flowers" stayed a preferred hill resort if the idealistic Mughal royal leader Jahangir and his good-looking wife Nur Jahan. Gulmarg was also supported and residential by the Britishers for the duration of their rule that set up a Gold Course in 1904 which is the highest Green Golf Course in the world 18 hole Golf Course. Gulmarg curse compulsory loveliness with beautiful pasture of flowers fond of the renowned love couple Kind Yousuf Shsh Chak and the well-known poetes Habba Khatoon. Apart from Golf, Gondola cable Car has turn into a chief magnetism for sightseers. Gulmarg – The country's head of state Ski Resort – arrives into its individual throughout winter season when it gets serious snowfall. Gulmarg is referred as Alps since of Ski Slopes and further resemblance. Gulmarg has several of the top Slopes and is preferably matched for knowledge Skiing. Gulmarg has been the site for holding major nationwide Winter Games.

Kargil :

Kargil is a township, which provides as the head office of Kargil region of Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Kargil is the instant main town in Ladakh behind Leh. Kargil is situated 60 km and 204 km from Drass and Srinagar to the west correspondingly, 234 km distant from Leh to the east, about 240 km from Padum to the southeast and approx 1,047 km from Delhi to the south. KargilKargil is dwelling to lots of scarce wildlife class like Asiatic ibex (Capra ibex), Tibetan wolf (Canis lupus langier), musk deer (Moschus spp.), Himalayan brown bear (Ursus arctos isabellinus), snow leopard, Ladakh urial (Ovis vignei vignei), pikas, Marmots and hares.

Aishwarya Maheshwari of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is citation as proverb, "It is at this point in Kargil that one of world's mainly indefinable individual, the snow leopard, wanders wild and liberated. Throughout my investigate I have learnt about the marvelous refuse in wildlife sightings because of the 1999 Kargil war, thus a great deal as a result that still the ordinary occupant birds had left." In addition these dying out form of life a variety of type of birds as well as the Eastern Chiffchaff, Hoopoe, black necked Magpie, Common Sandpiper Rosefinches, House Sparrow, Red-billed Coughs and European Goldfinches are a frequent view in the summers. India donkeys, mares and Army rear pigs for carrying reasons.

Pahalgam :

PahalgamOne of the best, top and beautiful Tourist Places near Srinagar is Pahalgam. Pahalgam is the ideal placeto view the mountains and natural beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. Pahalgam is positioned at the 95 kms distant from east of Srinagar is in Kashmir leading Resort, extend the length of the banks of the Lidder River Pahalgam. Pahalgam is the base of numerous trekking follows such as to the Amarnath Yatra, Kargil, Kolahoi Glacier and Zanskar. In the area of Pahalgam are a lot of places of attention. The most gorgeous of these is the vast rolling pasture of Baisaran, bounded by densely pine wooded forest. Pahalgam has surrounded it no less than eight small towns one of which is Mammal town. There is a Shiva place of worship here, usually measured to be Kashmir's ancient accessible temple rendezvous to the 8th century. The close by paddock of Chandanwari is the preliminary spot of the Amarnath Yatra ( One of the mainly holy Hindu Pilgrimages ) which happens every year in the month of July – August. The end Amarnath Cave is the house of Lord Shiva. Throughout the month of Sawan ( Monsoons ), an ice stalagmite shape a ordinary Shiva lingam, which polishes and diminish with the points of the moon.

Sonamarg :

SonamargSonamarg describe the "Gateway to Ladakh" interprets into "Meadow of Gold" since of the local Yellow Crocus blossom in the Spring Season. Sonamarg is the furthest outing destination from Srinagar ephemeral from side to side the enormously gorgeous Sindh Valley, charming township presenting the glimpses of Kashmir's Countryside. Sonamarg is bounded by Pine Trees and Mountains precipice which provides unbelievable potential for Mountaineers. Sonamarg is also well-known for its Rock mountaineering locations, Alpine Skiing and Trout Fishing in the deafening River Sindh. Sonamarg also serves up as bottom camp for Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra from the Beltal route. Ponies can be appointed for the tour up to Thajiwas Glacier, a chief, best and famous Places around Srinagar attraction for the period of the summer months. Cascades and the Thajiwas Glacier form a luminous fair difference to the foliage – enclosed meadows.

Anantnag :

Anantnag is a city that is situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the region of Anantnag.AnantnagThe Anantnag city is the capital of trade in the state and Anantnag is one of the mainly residential places in the Kashmir Valley. Anantnag is a very old city and aboriginals are recognized to have survived in the locale. There are a range of Places near Srinagar and lots of Places of attention for travelers in the city of Anantnag and these comprises lakes, hot springs, shrines and temples, and few extra places. There are two saffron spirals that are positioned in the Srinagar city and also innumerable accepted springs that offer fresh water.
Salag Nag, Nag Bal and Malik Nag are the major springs in the lay. These are well-liked places to visit for the locals as well. The site Anantnag is recognized for its spiritual open-mindedness and there are holy place that belong to together the Hindus and the Muslims. Numerous of the shrines that can be established Anantnag are the Khanna Baranain Triposundari Astapan Devsar, Shilagram Temple, Nila Nag, Hazrat Baba Rashi, Goswami Gund Ashram and many extra places near Srinagar that must to visit. There are seven place of worship compound in the Srinagar city and these are respected by the Hindu populace of the area. A variety of the Srinagar temples in Anantnag that you can visit are the Shiva Temple, Sita Temple, Hanuman Temple and Ganesh Temple.

Wular Lake :

The Wular Lake - highly praised to be the main freshwater Lakes of Srinagar as well as all over in India and maybe in Asia also - position famous as one of the chief visitor draws in Srinagar. Two-faced regarding 32 km to the northwest of Srinagar City, Wular Lake is place among beautiful locales, and the Wular Lake replicates the attractiveness of environment at her perfect most excellent. Wular Lake is surrounded by Elevated Mountain on the north and north-east of the gorge, which more add to the attractive appeal of the locales. Wular Lake is approx 16 km extended and 10 km broad, dispersion more than a region of around 125 sq. km. Wular Lake
Wular Lake proceeds as an accepted overflow pool, sketch off overload water from the Jhelum River Srinagar, which foliage the Wular Lake at Sopore. The Wular Lake modifies character with each few miles of its route. Creature devoid of any non-natural feature, Wular Lake is residence to a charming multiplicity of avian existence. The widespread swamp nearby the lake sustains dense coniferous jungle, alpine meadow and orchards, counting to the ordinary magnificence and biodiversity of the bog area. The lake gives as a wintering location for numerous traveling waterfowl class like Cattle Egzet, Common Pochard, Little Egzet, Shoveler, and Mallard, to name a few. Extra Places to see near Srinagar and Attractions at Wular Lake take in 15-century shell insincere in the core of the lake. These are remnants of a very old land mass called Zaina Lanka, which was constructed by King Zain-ul-abidin. There is a universal faith that the Wular Lake is a relic of the Satisar Lake of primitive times. On the tour to Wular Lake, can also visit the adjoining city of Bandipore - a well-known shopping end for locally-made woolen carpets. An additional accepted destination in the environs is the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary - a bird viewer's heaven.

Pampore :

PamporePampore is well-known for Land of Gold (Saffron). Pampore is also familiar for chronological over and above archeological places. It is exist in Pulwama region in Jammu and Kashmir at 34.02°N 74.93°E with a standard stature of 1,574 meters (5,164 ft). Pampore is to be found at the distance of around 16 km from Srinagar. Pampore town is trice uppermost first-class producer of Saffron fields in the globe. The foremost foundation of earning revenue in Pampore is Saffron agricultural estate which is harvesting in October. A person offers high quantity of wealth for its bright and attractive possessions.

Pampore is also popular for its baked bread Girda which is known as Shirmal. Majority people in Pampore are Islam religious. Pampore town was residence to a good number of Kashmiri Pandits. Important attraction of Pampore is Joint Tomb of Khwaja Masood Wali & Sheikh Sharif-u-din Wali; it has many temples as well. Khankah is one of the oldest musjid of Kashmir which is made of wood. The most famous Places near Srinagar and attractive Temple known as Naagbal in Pampore is placed in the middle of a pond. Lal Ded is also one of the most well-known touching signs of secularism in the Kashmir valley. Air is the easier way to reaching Pampore. The adjacent airport is in the Budgam region at distance of approximately 16 kms left from the Pampore city and 20 km from Srinagar Airport. One can also reach there by Train as Jammu is nearest Railhead to Pampore or can reach by road.

Yusmarg :

YusmargYusmarg is around 47 km from the city of Srinagar and has some highest peaks in Pir Panjal choice similar to Tatakoti 4725 meters; Romesh Thong 5000 meters lies in the Badgam district of Jammu and Kashmir. Green grazing land make bigger to acres of earth, the opaque forest full of pine trees, with the background of grand snow ceiling Mountains depart you more or less speechless. Yusmarg is the ideal place to go for a picnic due to its immediacy to the place. Yusmarg is achievable that after accomplishment Yusmarg this place, you may desire to yet stay for some days. Particularly, for the lovers of extended ambles in charming locales, Yusmarg is the set to be. Escapade burnishes will love travelling to the city of Yusmarg, as they can get on treks in this place. They can take a trek to the township of Nil nag that is situated at the 4 kms from Yusmarg. Yusmarg area has an incredibly tiny lake that is accepted amongst travelers. One more main Places around Srinagar and tourist target is an ice-covered lake that is there in the Sang E Safed valley, which deceit at a 10 kms from the township. You can get a trek to this set, and you can campsite out near the freezing lake, cozy up inside the raw loveliness of the place.

Verinag :

VerinagVerinag spring located 80 kms from Srinagar city at the foot of Pir Panchal range is the source of the river Jhelum. The water in large quantities flows from the base of a dense forest into deep and clear octagonal pool with a circumference of 11 feet and a depth of 54 feet. Verinag narrows down into 300 meters stone edged canal before dropping into a stream and thus begins the historic River Jhelum. The design of the Verinag pool is an engineering marvel insofar as its level never dips despite heavy outflow of water. Verinag was a stopping place and a caravanserai on entering Kashmir. Emperor Jahangir built a beautiful garden Verinag, arcades and pavilions with a layout simpler than some of the more famous of Jahangir's gardens. There is also an ancient temple close to spring. The pool is stocked with huge fish whose ancestors believed to have had golden rings inserted in their noses by Jahangir. This is one of the most beautiful Places to see near Srinagar.

Kokernag :

KokernagThe Kokernag Garden is situated at the 78 kms far from the core city of Srinagar. The Kokernag garden was laid out by Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Kokernag is a well-liked family unit and school picnic destination with a gorgeous garden, a bright and a fresh water spring with remedial possessions, a botanical garden is with full of roses, a graceful rivulet and the opaque mountain – forests in the area of with its tranquil and soul elating atmosphere.

Achabal :

Achabal is set in the backdrop of Soransar hills on old Jammu – Verinag – Srinagar Road. Achabal is to be found at the 56 kms from Srinagar city and must visit Tourist Places near Srinagar. It was laid out by famous scenery follower and Mughal Empress Nur Jahan in the year 1640. The Achabal Garden constructed by the Empress ( Begum ) was initially known as Begumabad. The chilly and bright gentle wind revitalizes the brain while impressive Chinar trees line the mechanism. AchabalNo speculate the Empress Nur Jahan decide to expand this terraced Mughal Garden and build it her preferred enjoyment move away. Achabal has a spring that apparently pours out of Sosansar hills but, in fact, the hose is composed from a well-known sweet water spiral. Achabal has been a pilgrimage core for Centuries. Achabal has a trout hatchery as well.
Achabal is lesser than extra Mughal Garden approximating Shalimar Bagh Srinagar and Nishat Bagh Srinagar but merges a few of the number of both. Achabal is energetic with burly rushing waters as at Nishat and tranquil like Shalimar Bagh Srinagar. Unhappily, the unique Mughal buildings have been restored by local ones thus absent the personality of Mughal structure architecture. The flow of water through and around the buildings looks superb. The plan of Achabal Garden is unique the way two side waterway similar to the main one flow down the terraced garden.

Daksum :

DaksumDaksum situated on the Anantnag – Simthan – Kishtwar Street is one of the mainly picturesque destinations with overwhelming surrounds of verdant pine forests, rich flora and fauna and trout – rich gushing streams. Daksum is an Angler's favorite area. Daksum also has a sheep breeding farm. The landscape of the entire Daksum area is charming. This is also one of the must visit and charming Places near Srinagar.