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The self-regulating Hindu and the Buddhist law of Srinagar continued till the 14th century after the Kashmir valley, counting the city, originated below the regulator of the numerous Muslim leaders, plus the Mughals. It was also the center throughout the sovereignty of Yusuf Shah Chak, an Self-determining Kashmiri monarch who was cheated by Akbar when Akbar unsuccessful to surmount Kashmir by power. Yusuf Shah Chak remains buried in Bihar in India. Akbar established Mughal rule in Srinagar and Kashmir valley.

The frequent best restaurants in Srinagar make sure that high-quality food is not at all far away throughout your tour. In fact, the food in the Restaurants in Srinagar works it's thrilling upon the finickiest of eaters. After all, who can decline to believe the advice to plug the stomach at one of the wonderful and best restaurants in Srinagar after lots of sightseeing and shopping. While there are frequent alternative for local foodstuff of Srinagar, other cuisines are also extensively obtainable at the dissimilar eating places.

Some of the Best Restaurants in Srinagar

Krishna Dhaba Srinagar :

The most famous pure vegetarian restaurants in srinagar, krishna dhaba srinagar is just out of this world. The broad variety of vegetarian fragility served here are an enjoyment. Situated very close to the Dal Lake, Krishna Dhaba srinagar is easy to get to from all fractions of the city. Don't overlook on the wonderful Kheer (rice pudding) after major meal, it's only heavenly. A word of care for our fellow travelers even if, this place or this restaurants in Srinagar is full approximately every minute its open and you might have to wait for your twist. We'll tell you, the wait is value every minute! So, in a nutshell, if you are an epicure, you cannot fail to spot going to krishna dhaba Srinagar.

Address : = Ram munshi Bagh , sonwar road, near bumhall school, Srinagar

Ahdoos Restaurant Srinagar :

Recognized in 1918, ahdoos restaurant srinagar was the primary restaurants in Srinagar, Kashmir valley. Identified as the expert of the Kashmiri Wazwan. Till date it serves to be the mainly genuine Kashmiri Wazwan in the Valley. The specialty ahdoos restaurant srinagar also dish up Indian, Mughlai and Chinese Cuisine.

Address : = Residency Road, C/O Ahdoos Hotel, Near Hdfc Bank, Srinagar – 190001

Coffea Arabica Srinagar :

Coffea Arabica Srinagar is located at M. A. Road, Srinagar. Coffee is an Arabic name. Comes from the word Kehwa. Well the Kehwa that Eqyptians and Arabs drink is not the same as Kashmiri Kehwa. kehwa, is an arabic word, meaning black tea the atmosphere ready with coffee beans or green tea leaves no milk is used for either of the Black tea or green tea.

Address : = M A Road Broadway Hotel, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir - 190001, India

Mughal darbar Restaurant Srinagar :

mughal darbar restaurant srinagar construct in Royal intend as if a court of Great Mughal Dyanasty". It is said that any person who stopover Kashmir lacking flavoring the famed cuisine Wazwan didn't contaminate visit Srinagar and the lovers of Wazwan additional say that anyone who didn't taste the wazwan at Mughal Darbar didn't in fact had the real thing. The mughal darbar restaurant srinagar is quite large with three consistent halls with a diverse taste. The halls of mughal darbar restaurant srinagar are build in such a plan that you'll find it a diverse place each time, like the business you'll be with, party, loneliness and universal.

Address : = Near Suleman complex, dal gate Srinagar

Shamyana Restaurant Srinagar :

A must stay place whereas on a trip to Srinagar, shamyana restaurant Srinagar is debatably the best eating place serving the globe well-known Kashmiri Wazwan. Positioned right next the charming Dal Lake on the dramatic avenue Road, shamyana restaurant Srinagar is a foodie's pleasure. Apart for the usual stuff of the wazwan, the pudina chicken dished here is a must have. Attractive polite Chinese food is also served at shamyana restaurant Srinagar.

Address : = Shamiana Restaurant, Boulevard Road, Near Heemal Hotel, Srinagar, 190001, India

Nathu Sweets Srinagar :

Situated on the banks of the Dal Lake Srinagar, the famous nathu sweets srinagar is a ideal place for all the vegetarians. All Indian dishes, including South Indian, are dished here. The Chinese obtainable at nathu sweets Srinagar restaurant is quite polite too. One can get pleasure from food here with a vision of the Dal Lake or the Shankrachrya Temple hill.

Address : = Nathu's Sweets, Boulevard Road, Near Nehru Park, Srinagar-19001, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Stream Restaurant Srinagar :

Walk into stream restaurant Srinagar for a grand serving of food in a good-looking atmosphere. The place offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food of both Indian and Kashmiri cuisine. The foodstuff at this juncture is fairly sensible and you can come here for your serving of food while you are in Srinagar. The astonishing service and the beautiful surroundings joint with huge food will have you approaching here again and again.

Address : = Boulevard, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Hat Trick Restaurant Srinagar :

The main restaurant chain in Srinagar, Hat Trick Restaurants srinagar offer the most excellent of cuisines. From tasty wazwan to enjoyable Chinese to appetizing Italian, hat trick restaurant Srinagar has approximately every item you might wish for. The Hat Trick Restaurant Srinagar has its cuffs across the city with the main restaurant in the heart of the city at Raj bagh, Srinagar. Apart for the main course slenderness, the food and drink served here are a luxury too. Don't neglect on the delicious chicken drumsticks or the tasty paneer pakoras.

Address : = Hattrick Complex, Raj Bagh Raj Bagh, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Tao Cafe Srinagar :

Tao cafe Srinagar is one of the oldest cafes in the Srinagar city. Try out stimulating coffee here and a surprising breakfast to wait lively all day. You will a broad selection on their menu preliminary from Continental to Kashmiri cuisine for you to decide from. The neighboring of the Tao Cafe Srinagar is appealing, with Chinar trees on the veranda that adds to the whole atmosphere of the place. You can just go down in here to relax and contain you feast in quiet.

Address : = Residency Road, Near General Post Office (GPO), Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Shakti Sweets Srinagar :

To be found on the demanding shopping road of Residency Road, shakti sweets srinagar is one of the oldest sweets and snacks Restaurants in Srinagar. The still famed chola-bhatura, rasmalai and dosas are a must have. If you have a sugary fang, a visit to shakti sweets srinagar will satisfy your longing and if you are not the lip smacking sweets here will create you into one.

Address : = Shakti Sweets, Residency Road, Srinagar-190001, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Lhasa Restaurant srinagar :

Serving the most excellent Chinese and Tibetan cuisines, Lhasa Restaurant srinagar is a burning preferred in the middle of the childhood of Srinagar and travelers alike. Situated near the coastline of the royal Dal Lake, Lhasa Restaurant srinagar offers perfect food with a good-looking faintly lit atmosphere. The memos and thukpa served here are just an enjoyment for the taste buds.

Address : = Boulevard Road, Srinagar 190001, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Grand grills Restaurant :

The grand grills restaurant srinagar serves a single merge of the Chinese and Kashmiri culture.

Address : = Main Road , near Bemina Degree College, Srinagar