• Srinagar Festivals

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The good-looking city of Srinagar has a range of Srinagar Festivals which are typically famous by the Muslims. Srinagar is identified as the paradise of India and the Srinagar festivals celebrated here portray the chronological, artistic and holy variety of the city. Here are the few popular Srinagar festivals :

Srinagar Festivals Lohri :

Lohri is the best and well-famous Srinagar festivals. Lohri is celebrated in the Srinagar every year in the month of January 13 with great interest as it signs the beginning of spring. It is also known as "makar Sankranti" in the other parts of India. First, Lohri is awfully critical for recently marital couples and those women expecting their first child as Lohri festival indicates richness and fruitfulness, the pouring away of the wickedness feelings and hospitable of the good ones. At night a bonfire is lighted around which boys perform a special form of dance presentation known as 'Chajja'.

Baisakhi Srinagar Festivals :

Baisakhi Festival of Srinagar also identified as Harvest Festival is an admired festival of northern parts of India especially best Srinagar festivals. Srinagar too celebrates the event with huge fanfare. Baisakhi Festival fetches in more shades to the wealthy spectacle and as it is a New Year's Eve people wears their nicest outfits, buy from stalls of the market. They sing and dance in tune of music and this is an amazing show. People try to reach comfort from a holy plunge into the blessed rivers. Following a consecrated bath in the rivers they put in their top clothes and shell out their reverence in the temple. People take pleasure in this event with spirit full of satisfaction and the day of Baisakhi festival is a favorable day to be measured for marriage. These weddings are said to be tremendously lucky and passive. The ceremony immerse go after by worshipping in the Nagbani Temple is a sacramental substance. This occurrence is an essential part of the Baisakhi Fair. Many fairs are seized all crosswise Srinagar with thousands of people captivating part in the revelry to celebrate the event. The time for the festivity of the Baisakhi Fair is typically April or May.

Eid ul Fitr Srinagar Festivals :

Eid ul Fitr is one of most important and well-liked Muslim festivals, it goes after Ramzan festival, that is, it is the fast breaking festival after Ramzan. Eid ul Fitr is a festival of pleasure, family get-together and to get the sanctions from enormous Allah. Different Muslim foods are ready at home to rejoice the Eid Ul Fitr juncture among buffet and fun. During the Eid Ul Fitr festival, Muslims be dressed in new clothes, partake in particular community prayer in the morning, get together friends and relatives, take pleasure in the dinner and swap wishes of Eid Mubarak or holy Eid with each other. Eid ul Fitr is also one of the most popular Srinagar Festival.

Srinagar White water rafting :

White water rafting competition is arranged in the Kishenganga River and becomes the site for a camping voyage. The charm of Gurez in its traditional shape is appealing.

Srinagar Ramzan Festival :

Ramzan Festival is another most popular and important festival. This one month Ramzan festival is celebrated by the Muslims People during which they desist from eating or drinking throughout the day and eat something only after the sunset. So that Ramzan festival also known as the month of fasting. Ramzan festival descends in the 9 month of Islamic calendar and mark's power of aid organization and screening love towards the poor and deprived. Celebrations consist of imploring a visit to the mosques and interpretation "Holy Quran" all through the day and dinner on delicious dishes with family and friends in the evening. For the duration of the whole month of fasting, the Muslim people abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol. The Ramzan month trims with the celebrations of Eid Ul Fitr.

Srinagar Amarnathji Yatra :

Amarnathji Yatra apprehended amid mid June and mid August which is having the benefit by the follower burning here from every bend of the country. Amarnath Yatra is performed by tour operators all round the year but particularly during Shivaratri and also at other times of the year. It is a place of religion and escapade. The antique Indian histories testify the survival of Amarnath as a fine holy locale. The route to Amarnathji Yatra contains of a trip in excess of great hilly region and frequently for assist there is a donkey or a horse at hand. But when the tourists go too high up the peak then there is no aid; then they are necessary to walk alone with firewood in their hands. There are also numerous hot spirals on the way.

Navroz festival Srinagar:

Navroz Festival is held for 9 days with great food items and this Navroz festival renowned by the Shia Muslim group of people in the months of March or April in the Srinagar amidst feast, play and happiness. This navroz festival makes ir compulsory for all the Shia Muslims People to get together in Mosques, bid prayers and then welcome each other by implementation and wish all the people each other "Navroz Mubarak". They dress in new clothes, get ready delicious special food items include biriyani, kebabs, and Phirni and pay a visit to their friends and relatives to celebrate this Navroz occasion. The major cultural drink for Navroz is Falooda which is prepared with milk and taste with the essence of rose water. Navroz festival is also devoted to memorize the birth of "Prince Aly Muhammad".

Srinagar Gurez Festival :

Gurez festival is celebrated in the Srinagar every year in the month of July showcases and offers stage to the performance to the traditional folk dances and the songs by the Gurez locals of the Gurez tribe.

Urs Ziarats Festival in Srinagar:

A distinctive Kashmiri Urs Ziarats Festival is eminent and important Srinagar festivals celebrated every year. An Urs Ziarats Festival is detained at the crypt of different Islamic saints is Urs on their death centenary. Throughout this festival, it is prohibited to eat beef. Beside Musliums, this festival also celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs in the city and keep away from overwhelming non-vegetarian dishes throughout the season of Urs festival. The communal partaking of diverse religions and communities in the Urs Ziarats Festival celebration come together from the rest of the festivals.

Kheer Bhawani Srinagar Festivals :

Kheer Bhawani Festival is the main Hindu Srinagar festivals, it is celebrated on "Jyeshtha Ashtami" – the birth of the Goddess Kheer Bhawani. This festival is held annually on the month of June at the Kheer Bhawani Temple. The temple, located in the town of Tulla Mulla, is devoted to deity Ragnya Devi. On the 8 day of the complete moon in the month of May, the followers of the theology stay a fast and bring together in the here. Throughout the Kheer Bhawani Festival, thousands of followers, counting both Hindus and Muslims, create the aid of milk and kheer and it split ends with 'Maha Yagna'.

Other Srinagar Festivals comprises the Saffron and the Tulip festivals, enthusiastic to showcasing the condiment Saffron, which is one of the main ingredients in Kashmiri cuisine and diverse variety of the Tulip flower, correspondingly.