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Jama Masjid Srinagar :

Jama Masjid SrinagarThe Jama Masjid Srinagar is located at small town Nowhatta, in the heart of the Srinagar city. Srinagar Jama Masjid is one of the most significant Mosque in Srinagar at which more than 1000 of Muslims bring together at the mosque every Friday to give their prayers. It is also usually identified as the Friday Mosque. This famous Srinagar Mosque is originally constructed in 1400 AD by Sultan Sikandar, is believed as one of the oldest Srinagar Mosque. Afterward, his son, Zain-ul-Abidin acquired the Srinagar mosque comprehensive.
The magnetisms of the Jama Masjid Srinagar, the plan of the spiritual centre is an ideal merge of Muslim intends and Indian equipment. Srinagar Jama Masjid architectural approach was increased by British architects and is known as Indo-Saracenic architecture superb patio and was built in 1674 with four spires tower, 370 pillars and many more; as a consequence, new structure of the mosque does not have a topped arena that is distinctive of the Muslim plan. Each single of these pillars is prepared with a single part of deodar stalk. The ancient Srinagar mosque has been damaged thrice by fire and reconstructed every time, the mosque, as it currently places, was patch up throughout the period of authority of Maharaja Pratap Singh that the upholding and renovate works of the Mosque was approved out. Srinagar Jama Masjid, the main Srinagar Mosque in Kashmir, is recognized as one of the blessed place of worship of Islamic supporters. One more characteristic of Srinagar Jama Masjid Mosque in Srinagar is become quiet and silence indoors it, reputation out alongside the bundle of the aged market in the region of it. The Jama Masjid Srinagar is pretty a large and airy Srinagar Mosque and has a housing ability of 30,000 citizens at a time.

Hazratbal Shrine Srinagar :

Hazratbal Shrine SrinagarHazratbal Shrine Srinagar is also recognized as Dargah Sharief or Aasar-i-sharief is the astonishingly gorgeous organization of spotless white sandstone Srinagar Mosque is the mainly respected Muslim shrine of Kashmir. It is positioned on the left western bank of beach of the Dal lake Srinagar close to the Mughal garden and beautiful Nishat Bagh, 8 kms from Lal Chowk and 7 kms from Tourist Reception Center. The Hazratbal Shrine Srinagar mosque gives an impressive vision of the Dal Lake Srinagar and the peak far away. Several of the further names of the Hazratbal Shrine are Madinat-us-Sani, Assar-e-Sharief and Dargah Sharif. One of the for the most part honored Muslim shrines, Hazratbal is a personification of the love and respect of Muslims people for the Prophet. This is only Mosque in Srinagar with a vaulted crown. This matchless admiration is secured in the love and reverence for Moi-e-Muqadus of forecaster Muhammad ( peace be upon him ), holy hair, show to supporter accumulated in vast records on convinced instance linked to the life of the clairvoyant ( PBUH )and his four friends.

The Muslim Auqaf belief skull by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah ongoing the building workings on this marble arrangement in 1968. The structure received around 11 years and the Srinagar Mosque was finished in 1979. The Friday prayers obtainable at Hazratbal Shrine Srinagar pull the resident Muslim in huge numbers towards this Srinagar Mosque. One more appeal of Hazratbal Shrine Srinagar is that it is the just arched Srinagar Mosque. Hazratbal Shrine Srinagar, India times behind to as distant as the before time 17th century. The Subedar of Mughal royal leader Shah Jahan, Sadiq Khan, built Ishrat Mahal ( Pleasure House ), beside with a garden at the place of the mosque in 1623. Still, when Shah Jahan visited the lay in 1634, he prepared the adaptation of the fortress into a prayer home. However, it was only throughout the period of authority of royal leader Aurangzeb that Moi-e-Muqqadus entered in Kashmir in 1699. But the shrine was small and consequently not competent of all day conduct of the vast crowd that mass to visit the Prophet's hair. So, Aurangzeb prepared the thread of hair to be potted at the Hazratbal shrine Srinagar.

Pathar Masjid Srinagar :

Pathar Masjid SrinagarPathar Masjid Srinagar, the chief existing Mughal organization in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is situated crossways the Jhelum river and facade the Shah-e-Hamdan Srinagar mosque, near Fatch Kadal in the heart of the Srinagar city. Contrasting original wooden headstone in Srinagar, Pathar Masjid Srinagar positions unique with its idiosyncratic intend and organizational prototype. The Pathar Masjid Srinagar is a predictable stone Srinagar Mosque, built by Mughal empress the queen Nur Jahan, the wife of Shahanshah Jahangir in 1623 AD, this Mosque in Srinagar was yet never used for entreaty as the elevated priests boycotted the construction, recitation it as a dishonored structure. It is added up as one of the era older Mughal construction acknowledged for its 9 horizontal curve. It is whispered that the building was oversees by the famous designer and a renowned Malik Hyder Chaudhary, Mughal historian. The Pathar Masjid Srinagar is in skeleton today & of huge attention to archaeologists and historians to acquire an earlier appearance at the Mughal architectural method. The Pathar Masjid, Srinagar Mosque is positioned approximately 6 km from Srinagar city and can be achieved through taxis or as an on foot trip. Also, traveler can also visit close by magnetism such as Shah-e-Hamdan, Jama Masjid Srinagar and Rozabal shrine. The Pathar Masjid Srinagar is the oldest existing headstone built by the Mughal Empire in the area. The loveliness and tranquility of the lay is incredible that will stay in your reminiscence for a lengthy instance.

Masjid of Akhund Mullah Srinagar :

Masjid of Akhund Mullah SrinagarMasjid of Akhund Mullah Srinagar positioned beneath the Makhdum Sahib Shrine. It is also known as Akhoon Mulla, a small Mosque in Srinagar constructed by Dara Shikoh, son of Shah Jahan in a beautiful silky grey mineral. It is the masjid of Akhund Mulla which is deliberated as the Srinagar Mosque enclosed by a mosque, as the leader sanctuary is a partition and alienated configuration, placed inside a patio adjacent the mosque. The Masjid of Akhund Mullah Srinagar is one of the instances of the righteous affiliation flanked by a student and a teacher. Dara Shikoh had the Mosque in Srinagar constructed in tributes his teacher Akhun Mulla Shah. The mineral lotus straight over the platform is the only replica of its kind easy to get to in Kashmir and has a devotion old-fashioned back to 1649. The major attribute of the Srinagar mosque is the chiefly built prayer hall. The Masjid of Akhund Mullah Srinagar is amicable by taxis or walking. In addition, Hari Parbat Fort is a neighboring magnetism that can be visited too.